Friday, December 7, 2018


My latest read is a nice character driven suspense. Great characters. Different kind of story. The author teases, twists, and teases, with an ever-weaving story that gasps with a final climax. I don't particularly like changing points of view or omniscient narration, but I was intrigued by the main character enough to stick to the last page. (As a writing professional, this could have been edited better, but I choose to look the other way when the story is this good, and I think the regular reader won't even notice the little glitches.)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


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Peace may hinge on secrecy, but in the bayous of Texas, Carter learns about the speed of communication—telephone, telegraph, tell-a-hick. Intrigue smacks him in the face on a trip he hopes deals with a single case of a rogue wolf, but fears an entire unsanctioned pack, the most powerful lycans in the world. His redneck new hire has been arrested for a murder he couldn't have committed. The metasexual vampire Lord Elizabeth is back in his life. The local bumpkin drama pulls him in five directions. And again his mentor may be undermining Carter's agenda for his own ends.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


Lone wolf Carter McCown must take a great chance to survive his current dilemma. Set up by vampires, given up by elements within the lycan council, he must stop a war that could unhinge the worlds of both humans and endowed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


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Carter's a bastard but that has little to do with being a wolf. So taking in a dying nineteen-year-old street walker provokes polar emotions in him. His unusual gesture triggers events that create a very powerful enemy in the vampire hierarchy, who uses Maggie to punish him. Turned without Red Court sanction, she faces an automatic death warrant. Carter refuses to accept Maggie must be put down, whether it's the law or not. As tensions between wolves and vampires escalate, Carter's life becomes more complicated when he falls for the beautiful vampire lord sent to negotiate an end to the month-long war his interference started.

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Lone wolf Carter McCown faces his greatest peril—two angry alpha females adjusting to immortality. He’s surrounded by too many ems. Maggie. Miranda. Margaret. Mel. Molly. Emily. And then there’s his crush and assistant, Frieda, and his off-and-on vampire lover, Elizabeth. This is Dude Lit Romance with a wash of humor and dollop of mayhem.