Monday, February 24, 2020

Elizabeth Seckman - ABOUT US

Hayden Matthews isn’t looking for love—she’s trying to get as far from it as possible. She's already wasted eight years in a failed marriage and is ready for a good life. A peaceful life. One where she can raise her daughter to be strong, independent, and happy. But to make that happen, she must fix her own life first.

Cam Vorelli has loved Hayden since he was in grade school. Always in the friend-zone, he stood on the sidelines, his heart breaking, as she said I do to the wrong man. A man he knew didn’t deserve her, who could never love her as he did. But what could he say? She was marrying into his family. Cam would never break a holy vow much less be disloyal to his kin.

Until he sees the bruises on Hayden. Abuse is a game changer.

Leaving a husband like Tag, who has a hot temper, a badge, and a gun is tricky. When Hayden calls Cam for help, she isn’t trying to lure him into any romantic webs. She needs someone she can trust and knowing her soon-to-be ex fears his former NFL cousin is a bonus.

When Cam comes to her rescue, he isn’t doing it to win her love. He does it because it’s the right thing to do. But if she starts to feel the same for him…couldn’t it be fate?


Was she a monster for wanting to be happy? Screw happy. She didn't start the divorce process so she could be happy.  She wasn't a child. She knew happy was an elusive, often selfish goal. Being happy was Tag's thing. He wanted every day of his life to be some sort of party. 
She hadn't asked for anything so impressive. She didn't ask for a big house or a new car. Hell, she didn't even expect vacations. All she wanted was a simple life, a peaceful life. A life where she knew when her husband said he had to work late that he truly was working late, not diddling the bartender or dropping the grocery money into a slot machine. 

She'd have been content with a marriage that simply wasn't miserable. 

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Elizabeth is a multi-published author of books for people who are believers in happily-ever- after, true love, and stories with a bit of fun and twists with their plots. The mother of four young men, she tackles laundry daily and is the keeper of the kitchen. She lives along the shores of the Ohio River in West Virginia, but dreams daily of the beach.


Monday, February 3, 2020

40th Title in Amazon

Guv-Gulliver Simon loves single life. While he’s avoiding the cops for two deaths he’s tangentially connected, two women he thinks of as sisters, mostly-usually (he's a man, it's hard not to notice they're drop-dead gorgeous), have decided they don’t want to be just friends. There’re a couple others who wish to make him a daily habit too. He strives to avoid what they consider inevitable as they all become harder to ignore. It’s all a guy can do to stay sane, while making it to the gym every night.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Elements of Voice


Through diction, syntax, punctuation,
paragraph length, imagery, detail, word choice, diction, sentence structure

Friendly/acerbic, playful/focused, warm/cold, authoritative/casual, inspiring/demeaning, professional/crass, relaxed/tense, reserved/controlled, objective/subjective,
logical/emotional, (in)sincere, (non)apologetic, critical, curious, ironic, hopeful, sentimental, sympathetic, solemn/flippant, cynical/naïve

Complex, simple, jargon-filled, insider, fun,
serious, whimsical

Tone (positive, negative, neutral)
Personal, honest, humble, clinical, direct,
scientific, trustful, gleeful, cheerful, sarcastic,
pessimistic, aggressive, polite, rude, urgent

Formal, informal

Narration, near-far person, omniscient, intrusion

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Camilla Monk - SPOTLESS

One might expect (slightly) over-the-top characters, plot, and situations might doom a novel, but in this case, it made this shiny penny the shinier. And a fun read.

I loved the protagonist and her 'love' interest, empathized with the evil antagonist, enjoyed the American-French-Japanese connections, the writer's voice, and intelligent humor (Okay, smart mouth).

I give SPOTLESS a strong thumb up.

Find it here for the price of a cup of coffee.