Monday, October 15, 2018

SPOOKY SWEET - Connie Shelton

This isn’t the first Shelton book I’ve recommended. Cozy mysteries are growing on me. Most are really short and sweet. This one could almost be two cozy mysteries. I think one story from one point of view is fine, but Shelton carried three intertwined stories well. Again the author just hinted at paranormal, and drove to the edge of romance, while giving us a rich story. After this read, I may wish to open a bakery.

For the price of a bagel and cream cheese, on Amazon.

- The Hermit WRiter.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Favorite Passage in my WIP

There was very little chatter in the bull pen. The necessary discussion was decibels lower than usual. Everyone worried about their job.
But the more the accountants uncovered leading to the single focal point, the safer the rest of them were. And the bean counters had started hitting gold yesterday.
Rumor is like scorched microwave popcorn. It is undeniable and pervasive. They all knew for sure that the guy I’d had arrested was pulling fast ones.

- The Hermit WRiter

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

BLOOD BOUND - Sharon Stevenson

BLOOD BOUND, a catchy title. It’s a popular one too, but that’s okay. And a cover including a sword will always grab my attention. For a cranky, old fart, I’m becoming more enamored with stories driven by romance, so this story worked for me. (My current manuscript is driven likewise…okay, more with lust, but that’s another blog post.) I like a lot of vivid characterization, which Stevenson accommodated with action, not so much description, which is cool. I like to imagine what my characters look like. There were odd elements of BLOOD BOUND that reminded me of Butcher’s Dresden character/world. That is excellent. But don’t expect Butcher’s wonderful world building. Not that Stevenson didn’t create an interesting, alternate world. My fav was the powers the two main characters possess.

So the bottom line…I recommend, if you like a little light paranormal wrapping around twenty-something exploration for meaning. I didn’t so much like the heavy tags, but remember, I write tags for a living.

For the price of a gas station cup of coffee, try this out.

On Amazon US

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Out of Practice Aphrodite - S E Babin

I love to pass on fun and entertaining works with great characters. I enjoyed this author’s use of language and how well she remained deep in her character’s head. For pure enjoyment, or if you’d like a refresher on the Greek gods you studied in high school, give this one a read. Best part it’s free in Kindle Unlimited, or otherwise less than a cup of Joe. (My one complaint, the climax left me wanting more meat...but I'm over it.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fav Passage

The receptionist answered without reciting the principals list. She and I are on a first name basis. She asked me immediately if I was being taken downtown. I told her I wasn’t being arrested this time.
“You okay? In the hospital?”
“Who did you shoot?” she asked.
“No one.”
“You calling for Roger then? Who’d he shoot?”
“No one.”
She sighed. “Then how many did Michael shoot?”
“I have a different legal issue this time.” I have to admit a smile tweaked my mug.
“Seriously? You suing the city again?”

Monday, September 17, 2018

Favorite Passage

“Biltmore is too froufrou,” Mom said.
I thought that about the Grove. But Motel 6 makes me feel underdressed. I finished my breakfast and Norm snatched the plate, I guess afraid I might steal the flatware or something, and I pushed back to catch my breath. Maybe I inhaled my food. Mom has commented in the past I’d make a good pig.
Roger and I sometimes act as though we’re in a race, I think. In my case, I don’t think my brain functions all that well when my jaw is working, so I like to get the eating out of the way so what the crew has to say, makes sense.
I can’t speak for Roger’s dining pace. Maybe he’s just more in touch with his appetite than the average bear.

- The Hermit WRiter